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Ms S Dyce | Head of Art Department | s.dyce@haaf.org.uk

In Art, pupils work on a series of projects based on a variety of different themes.

They explore ideas and select visual information. They are taught to use and experiment with a wide variety of techniques and materials and are given regular opportunities to develop and refine their expertise. They study the work of other artists, craftspeople and designers, making connections with their own ideas and art work. They then plan and create their own final artwork which is assessed in conjunction with the preparatory work in their sketchbooks.

Pupils have two lessons of Art in KS3, and three lessons in KS4. There are opportunities in the Art curriculum to visit a number of galleries to study the work of artists.


In Key Stage Four, pupils will be expected to develop their creative, imaginative and practical skills within the area of Art and Design through their response to projects.

They will:

  • experiment and explore a wide range of media
  • develop their drawing skills
  • be required to take an independent and enquring approach through research and development of art ideas
  • be required to complete a sketch book, support work and complete at least two final outcomes which could be a painting/drawing, or a piece of sculpture
  • be required to study the work of other artists and take inspiration from the world around them in order to fully develop their own original ideas.

The exam board for GCSE Art is Pearson Edexcel.