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Business and Economics

Business and Economics

Head of Department | Mr A Delalu | a.delalu@haaf.org.uk

There are a range of courses offered in this department, including:

  • GCSE Business
  • GCSE Economics and
  • NCFE Business Studies (for Key Stage 4 pupils)

At Key Stage 5 pupils are able to study AS & A2 Business Studies and AS & A2 Economics or BTEC Level 3 Business. 

Pupils work on a series of projects based on a variety of different themes, including:

  • exploring a new view of the new working world, covering how society operates
  • studying how businesses are run day to day, as well as some of the longer term strategic processes that occur
  • looking at case studies of businesses both locally and internationally.  A range of businesses are studied
  • learning about macro and micro economics within the subject of Economics.

Students undertake original research, give presentations, and use ICT extensively as part of the courses.

Students apply their wider learning through a range of competitions, conferences and trips every year, alongside weekly meetings as part of the Elite Provision in Business run at Key Stage 5.

The subject is very popular with pupils, leavers go on to study related courses at university or complete internships in business.

Exam Boards

  • Key Stage Four- GCSE Business -WJEC
  • Key Stage Four- GCSE Economics -WJEC
  • Key Stage Four- Vocational course -NCFE.
  • Key Stage Five- AS Business -WJEC
  • Key Stage Five- A Level Business -WJEC
  • Key Stage Five- AS Economics- WJEC
  • Key Stage Five- A Level Economics- WJEC.
  • Vocational BTEC- Pearson Edexcel.