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Head of Department | Ms N Weston | n.weston@haaf.org.uk

Drama improves not only confidence, team work and communication skills, but also the ability to empathise with a variety of situations and express thoughts and opinions clearly.

This in turn rewards those who study drama with the necessary competencies for a fulfilling and prosperous career. Skills developed in Drama enable pupils to be well rounded individuals leading to college, university places and a career in their chosen field. Journalism, marketing, teaching, law, and sales are just some of the career paths open to pupils who have studied Drama.

The pupils work on a variety of schemes including: 

  • Physical Theatre
  • Shakespeare
  • Greek Theatre
  • Melodrama and
  • Theatre for Children,

as well as developing key performance skills such as: 

  • movement
  • voice
  • character building and
  • rehearsal techniques.

Pupils at Knights are trained with the necessary skills required to be a successful actor and practitioner in preparation for GCSE and Sixth Form.


At KS3 pupils have the opportunity to be involved in extracurricular activities such as the KS3 Drama Club inside school, trips and workshops outside of school.

Pupils who show great potential and dedication to the subject will have further opportunities to visit the theatre to see a range of performances at The Globe and National Theatre as well as tours behind the scenes.

We aim to allow as many pupils as possible to participate in workshops run by actors and other industry professionals.


At Knights Academy we offer the Edexcel GCSE Drama course to pupils who choose it at the end of Year 9.

At GCSE pupils are required to take responsibility of their development as an actor including participating in regular performance training, independent rehearsals, reading around the subject and researching and developing their own work.

Pupils are stretched and challenged in their lessons to think deeply about the social and historical contexts surrounding a play or topic as well as how to explore character and analyse the form and structure of a variety of plays.

Separate from the course pupils are encouraged to be active in their development through extracurricular opportunities inside and outside of school so that their performance skills and confidence are developed.