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Knights Academy Parent Governor Candidates

Parent governor elections have now closed. Please do read more about your candidates for Parent Governor at Knights Academy below. 

Samuela Sonzini

I’d like to be considered because I genuinely care about the education of my son in the school and also the education of children especially in this past year where their students’ life has been challenging. 


Frank Ansah

My name is Frank Ansah, a consultant solicitor in England & Wales. I have lived in the UK for the past 21 years. I have two children who attend Knights Academy and a third will join come September 2021. I love education and will do all I can together with the other governors and the teaching staff to ensure that no child is left behind. We will work with the leadership of the teaching staff and support them with whatever they need to enhance their teaching skills. This will have an impact on our children and will eventually reflect in their performance both in class and during their final year examination. Giving every child the opportunity to study and educate himself /herself is a fundamental human right and we will ensure as a team that this is achieved at Knights Academy. Thank you 

Marsha Griffith

The School Governor role is key in supporting the school in developing confident adults. I am passionate about building confidence, supporting/encouraging students to achieve their potential despite their socio-economic background, race, religion, culture, identity, sexuality, gender, or disability. School should be a safe space for all; a place where students can be vulnerable and creative, where teachers can develop in their profession and feel supported and where parents are confident in the school. Equality, rights and justice for all students and the right for their views to be valued is essential. I intend to work in partnership and support the teaching and pastoral teams to achieve better outcomes for students, teachers, school and community. I intend to work with external agencies in various capacities. With various challenges our students experience today, I would like to be a part of a team who would better prepare them for today's challenge world.

Neena Desai

I am applying for Parent Governor as during this time of Covid-19 as a parent I see that our children are losing out on their education and social skills. This hi-lights important issues such as the Mental Health impact on our children along with the lack of structure in Virtual Schooling. Whilst I appreciate we are in very difficult and different times this has put a strain on all schools, as a parent no child should suffer due to lack of resources or the lack of unity between parents and the school. I have 3 yrs previous experience of being a parent governor at Foster Park Primary School so I totally understand the commitment needed. I have 10yrs qualified experience of being a Pastoral Support Worker, working in schools Primary and Secondary, Mentoring Teenagers , working with Parents, Social Services and children aged 4-18 yrs old.

Leisha Manning

I strongly believe that schools, pupils and parents should work in partnership together in order for every child to achieve their full potential. I would welcome the opportunity to support this process in any capacity possible. I currently work in the NHS, however I have an academic background in Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching. I have worked in secondary schools as both a counsellor and mentor. This experience gave me a great insight to the challenges and difficulties that young people experience. Communication, honesty, showing empathy and acting with integrity are just some of my characteristics and skills that I have developed professionally and personally. As a parent, not only do I want the best for my children, I want the best for all of my children’s peers, our future generation. I hope to be a great asset to the school, dedicating time to be a proactive and effective parent governor.