The HUB offers a friendly and conducive learning environment.

It is a place where students can carry out research work, and study independently in a calm atmosphere.

HUB - 7 Basic Rules

  • Students must be studying while in the HUB
  • No food or snacks, no drinks- ONLY a bottle of water
  • No mobile, earphone or headphone
  • Computers- No games, music or films/movies
  • No school bags around the book shelves and computer area
  • Respect staff, school and other HUB users
  • No noise- silence must be maintained always in the HUB



At the beginning each academic term, students are allocated £3 print credit. Printing in black and white costs 2p, and printing in colour costs 6p. Students are advised to use print credit wisely.

Student Intranet

Please click here to access all the wide range of resources housed to enhance learning and teaching experiences in the Knights Community.


BBC GCSE Bitesize e-Resources Quick link to activities, games, audio, videos
Churchill Archive Collection

A goldmine for teachers and students, this resource provides a unique insight into the life and times of a key figure of modern history and offers excellent opportunity for independent learning and EPQs.

Username- HAKnights/Password-(ask the librarian)

The Day Covers all the curriculum subjects