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MEET aissatou. she talks about her aspirations to become a teacher, black history month and why she joined Knights Sixth Form. 

How are your A-levels going?

I am studying English, Psychology and Sociology. My studies are going really well and my teachers have pushed me to reach my fullest potential.

I have also been writing an EPQ on the hyper-inflation scandal in 1920s Germany. I really enjoyed History at GCSE but unfortunately I couldn’t pick it for A-level so I decided to pursue my interest in history by doing an EPQ. I wasn’t really used to doing my own independent research so I did struggle to start with, especially finding good sources, but my teacher, Mr Bryce, helped my pointing me in the right direction.


What are your plans for next year? 

I am planning to study English at the University of Birmingham, followed by a teaching training course. English is a subject that I have always liked, but I didn't excel at it to begin with. My English teacher was really supportive and my progress was evident. During Sixth Form, Miss Holmes has also helped me. I want to be able to help students in the same way that my teachers have helped me.


Why did you choose Knights Sixth Form? 

Knights wasn’t initially my first choice, however, when I attended the open day, I was really blown away by the sense of community. I could tell from speaking to the students and teachers that I would be accepted into their community and that we would all be treated as equals. This has definitely been proven true. In think that anyone joining Knights will be warmly welcomed. 


Can you tell me about a highlight of your time at Knights Sixth Form? 

My highlights are definitely the contributions I’ve been able to make to the school community as Head Girl. I love that I am approached by younger pupils for advice and I’m honoured to be a figure they feel they can open up to.

It wasn’t something that I initially intended to apply to be, but after speaking to teachers about some of the things that I could achieve as Head Girl, I decided to run for it and I got it! My main focus has been on improving the school environment. For example, I organised a series of events for Black History Month. Teachers and students ran online workshops for other pupils. I ran a workshop about being British, Muslim and Black. I also arranged assemblies for Sixth Formers because I felt like Black History Month wasn’t being recognised in the Sixth Form community as much as Year 7- 11 because of exams. A lot of people are pleased that I brought attention to the situation and I did something about it.

I am hoping to do something related to mental health next. This year in particular has highlighted the importance of learning and taking care of our mental health and that of our peers.


What makes you most proud of Knights Sixth Form?

I am very proud of the sense of community here and the way that students are prioritised and supported. Help is always available if you need it, and you never feel like you are left alone.


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