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Meet Akalvili


MEET akalvili. SHE TELLS US ABOUT her interest in international development, what she has enjoyed at Knights Academy and what makes her most proud oF her sixth form. 

What are you studying and what are your plans for next year?

I am studying economics, computer science and psychology. I have applied to study international development and economics at university. I would like to go to Kings. I have been interested in economics for a while and I started studying it as one of my A-levels last year. We learnt about economics in the developing world and I found this particularly interesting. I think I would like to learn more about gender development.


What co-curricular activities have you enjoyed during Sixth Form?

I volunteered as an enrichment activity at the local library. I sorted books, worked at the desk and helped people. It was great to help my local community. I also had a chance to raise money for charity. It was a competition between forms and we decided to play Christmas films and other pupils could donate money to watch and have snacks. This was a proud moment for me because I had never had the opportunity to do this before.


What have you enjoyed most about Knights Sixth Form?

We went on a STEM trip to a museum in Central London. It was very interesting and there were lots newly developing inventions. The one that interested me the most was a pair of glasses designed to control a jet or rocket with your eyes. We even had a chance to try out the simulation! I would definitely like to carry on learning about technology and gadgets alongside my degree and career.


What makes most proud of your Sixth Form?

I’m proud of our online lessons. We started online lessons 2 or 3 weeks after lockdown, while some of my friends at other schools didn’t have online lessons during the summer term. I was proud of the school that we managed to keep studying. That said, it's great  to be back in the classroom and see my friends in person! 


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