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MEET destiny. she tells us about her aspirations to be a psychotherapist, the haberdashers advantage & what makes her proud of Knights Sixth form

Tell me a bit about your interests? 

I have been cooking more since lockdown, I read, and I enjoy singing. I am actually the leader of the Youth choir at my local church. I was also in the Knights choir before Sixth Form and my favourite performances were Founders Day and those held around Christmas time.

Which subjects are you studying? 

I am studying Sociology, Psychology, French and Business Studies. I really like my subjects because they are thought-provoking and I enjoy the aspect of debate. French was an additional subject because I come from a French speaking home, but as I am the only person in my year group studying French, I have scheduled my lessons during my free periods or after school.


What are your plans for next year?

I am planning to study psychology at university. I have applied to the University of Northampton, University of Birmingham, Bristol, Wolverhampton and Oxford Trent. Currently, I am planning to do a masters in psychotherapy as I would like to become a psychotherapist. I have always been really interested in psychology and how the mind works but I didn’t know if I wanted to do it as a job. But when I started studying it at A-level, my teacher told us about different career routes and that got me really interested. I spoke to her about it and the different courses on offer at university - she really inspired me to pursue this career route!


Why did you choose to stay at Knights Sixth Form?

I attended Knights for secondary school so I already knew the teachers and students. There are lots of opportunities here, particularly through the Haberdashers, such as Envision and the Livery Awards. The Livery Awards is a competition between the Haberdashers' schools in which each school team has to come up with a business idea – either a product of a service – and pitch it to ‘investors’. With the guidance and support of a mentor, we came up with an idea, created a plan for it and presented it at the Haberdashers' Hall. The whole experience really improved my public speaking. I am not necessarily the type of person who would volunteer to speak in front of a group but it was a great opportunity to develop my presentation skills in front of an audience.


What do you think makes a Haberdashers school different to other sixth forms?

The opportunities through the Haberdashers' network are fantastic. You can meet lots of different people at all sorts of events. For example, during the Livery awards presentation evening, we attended a formal dinner at the Haberdashers' Hall. We met the Lord Mayor and alumni who are running their own businesses. It was so inspirational!


What makes you feel most proud of your Sixth Form?

There is a strong sense of community here and it feels like the teachers genuinely care about us and our futures. It’s a great environment and I have developed so much here. For example, I was nominated as a house captain this year. It has obviously been harder because of Covid-19, but I am responsible for organising house events and talking to pupils across different year groups. 


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