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Haberdashers' Knights Academy


Sixth Form Scholarships 

We are delighted to be able to offer a range of new Sixth Form Scholarships here at Knights Academy.

Haberdashers' Company Scholarship 

Knights students meet with members of the Haberdasher's CompanyThe Haberdashers' Company award provides a £1000 per year  scholarship for eligible Knights sixth formers towards their university studies. 

There are four scholarships of this type: 

  • Centenary Award
  • Jeston Scholarship
  • University Arts Bursary 
  • Cochrane Scholarship 

We can nominate up to 8 sixth form students for this scholarship based on the most points awarded for the completed Knights Askean Shield, an award for students who: 

  • Have attendance above 95%
  • Make good academic progress
  • Complete all independent study 
  • Complete extra-curricular enrichment activities 
  • Take advantage of at least two external self-development opportunities 
  • Reflect on learning and enrichment activities 

The Knights Askean Shield Award & the Robert Aske Values Scholarship - recognising all our students 

To recognise the achievement of our students, Knights Academy now awards Robert Aske Values Scholarships of £50 to every student who completes the Knights Askean Shield during their time in the Sixth Form. 

Principal's Excellence Scholarships 

Knights sixth form students To encourage excellence in our students, Knights Academy will award a scholarship of £100 to any student who achieves a grade 8 or 9 in a GCSE and then makes good progress from GCSE to A-Level during the Sixth Form. Students can receive this scholarship in more than one subject. 

In addition, the student who makes the most progress in each curriculum pathway will receive a progress scholarship of £50. 

Community Scholarships

To recognise the contribution our Sixth Formers make, Knights Academy will award Community Scholarships of £50 to students who demonstrate: 

  • Outstanding service to the community 
  • Leadership to younger students within the Academy
  • Demonstrate resilience in overcoming adversity to succeed in the Sixth Form 


Bursaries for Sixth Form students  

Knights Academy also awards bursaries to students from low incomes to help them with their academic studies. You will be able to apply for a bursary once you have enrolled to the Sixth Form. Earning a scholarship will not affect your eligibility for a bursary.  

More information 

For further information about our Sixth Form scholarships, please contact Mr Cole, Assistant Principal and Head of Sixth Form. 

Further details about our scholarship aims and criteria can be found in our Scholarship Policy (PDF)