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 Where words fail, music speaks. - Hans Christian Andersen

 Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent for Music is to ensure that all learners take on new challenges to become confident musicians through performing, composing and listening activities. We aim to broaden their understanding of Music to develop our students into competent musicians, where a love of learning our subject is encouraged and celebrated. 

Our pupils will be prepared to take on a curriculum that is stretching and relevant, allowing them to develop their musicianship to the next level in their education and life experiences. 

Pupils in our department will be given the opportunity to excel and become active contributors; both inside and out of the classroom

 Cross Curriculum and Skills

Through Music students develop a wide range of skills; skills that seem relevant to Music but are also transferable to other elements of life. When developing musicianship skills, learners are also developing their confidence to be noticed and heard by others. Learners develop their ability to work as part of a collective, contributing to a team and taking leadership in certain situations. Through Music, students will also look at a range of cultures and different times in history, building an understanding of how these societies might differ from our own. 

Curriculum Details

Curriculum and Assessment Map Years 7-11

Music Learning Journey

Music Curriculum Summary

Revision Resources and Curriculum Journey

Key Stage 3
Key Stage 4
Key Stage 5

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Music Theory 

BBC Bitesize – Key Stage 3

BBC Bitesize - GCSE Music

Homework and Home Learning

Homework develops independent study and enables students to become life-long learners.  We use an online tool to help you keep track of your child's homework. Show My Homework will allow parents to see the details of the tasks your child has been set, all their deadlines and their submission status.

In Music, we encourage students to explore the subject through their own independent practice where possible, and through various tasks set in the classroom throughout the year.

Knights Shield

The Knights Shield is a scheme that values and recognises all of the extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities in which Knights Academy pupils can participate.

In Music, we are pleased to offer pupils opportunities to fulfil the Knights Shield throughout our curriculum. Some examples are listed below: 

Curriculum – aside from our curriculum in the classroom, we also offer a range of one-to-one instrumental lessons as well as a wide range of extra-curricular clubs throughout the school week. 

Creativity – exploration both individually and as part of a group in the various extra-curricular clubs.

Community – working as part of a group, representing the department and actively engaging with the school community through performances; as well as representing the Academy in performances outside of school in the wider community. 

Competencies – developing skills individually and as a group in instrumental lessons and clubs, allowing for students to master skills within our subject. 

Cultural – the promotion and exposure to a range of different cultures through performances at events outside of school. 

Why Study Music at GCSE and A' Level?

The study of Music at Key Stage 4 and 5 is suited to those that are thinking of exploring Music in their adult life, both in further education or as a career. Besides this, students will find that by studying Music, they are learning a vast array of transferable skills that will be very useful in other subjects and at various stages in their life. Mastering an instrument, performing to an audience, creating a piece of music, objectively listening to and appraising pieces of music – all these activities directly lead to a development of wider social skills and deeper cognitive skills.

 Careers and Opportunities

Below are some examples of careers that Music can help you enter: 

  • Music teacher 
  • Performer 
  • Composer 
  • Songwriter 
  • Music therapist 
  • Recording Engineer  
  • Sound Engineer 
  • Live sound technician  
  • Record Producer 
  • A&R Representative 
  • Music Journalist 
  • Music Librarian 
  • Conductor 
  • Instrument technician