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Year 7 Literacy And Numeracy Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Literacy And Numeracy Catch Up Premium

The Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch up premium funding for the current academic year is £12,000.

Like the previous academic year, the catch up funding is still used to target the new Year 7 pupils who arrived below the expected standard in English or Maths.


  • Extra English and Maths teaching groups (Curriculum re-modelling). Blocking with additional group for English and Maths

  • Withdrawal in English and Maths for specialist support using SEN Teacher.

  • Additional withdrawal for key pupils by specialist teacher.

  • Part-fund the salary for Curriculum Director in English – senior role to lead on Literacy and numeracy across the curriculum including extended writing

  • Accelerated Reader programme

  • Toe-to-toe literacy project delivered by intervention manager

  • Books and resources including invitation of poets and writers to support language and written skills development in Year 7

  • Reading boxes – compulsory silent reading pastoral program

  • Spelling B competitions



English Banding Below x.1 x.2 x.3 x.4 x.5
H (110+) 100% 97% 93% 87% 47% 10%
M (100-109) 100% 99% 93% 66% 36% 4%
Below expected Standard (Below 100) 100% 98% 83% 46% 15% 0%
No banding 100% 43% 14% 0% 0% 0%
TOTAL 100% 96% 87% 61% 30% 4%



Maths Banding Below  x.1 x.2 x.3 x.4 x.5
H (110+) 100% 100% 100% 92% 80% 40%
M (100-109) 100% 99% 93% 61% 16% 5%
Below expected standard (Below 100) 100% 98% 51% 7%


No banding 100% 100% 43% 29% 0% 0%
TOTAL 100% 99% 79% 48% 19% 8%

For 2018-2019, approximately 32% of the cohort is not at the expected standards in GPS, Maths or Reading.

All year 7 pupils who are not school ready will receive additional in class support in Literacy and Numeracy. Teaching groups have been identified where this can be provided. In addition, the accelerated reading is delivered by a SEN Literacy specialist teacher to ensure that appropriate and structured support is offered to pupils.

Secondary Readiness

  GPS Expected Maths Expected Reading Expected
  No % No % No  %
Year 7 137 73 121 65 123 66
Not at expectations 50 27 66 35 64 34


For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Maths department ran a Year 7 Catch-Up programme for selected Year 7 pupils who entered the Academy with a below national average KS2 baseline score.

The aim of this programme was to substantially improve the numeracy and basic number skills of these pupils so that they can access more difficult components from the KS3 Curriculum. This was delivered in Term 1 and 2 following the identification of this cohort of 66 pupils.

A range of numeracy resources from Collins Numeracy Framework and Singapore Maths strategies were used. Further work is being developed in aligning the curriculum across all schools within the Federation with a view to sharply measure the impact of this intervention.


For 2018-2019, the literacy focus will be on writing and spelling with additional reading tuition provided by Y11 and 12 pupils and the SEN team.

Participation in reading groups and compulsory silent reading built in the tutor program allows pupils to be more focused on reading comprehension and pupils with lower prior attainment will follow a training provided by our SEN language specialist.

The Year 7 Catch Up groups for 2018-2019 are much larger than in previous years, with a total of 50 pupils not meeting age related expectations in primary school in two or more literacy based assessments. They have been split into groups for the following: reading comprehension, phonics and literacy.

Next Review – September 2019


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